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How to Bleach the Anal Area

How to lighten the area around your anus? What you need for the lightening is the same thing that you need for the lightening of your vagina, or your underarms, or your body. You need a mandelic acid, a microdermabrasion scrub, the microneedle roller, and you need an anal bleaching cream for intimate areas. You do these steps twice a week. Every day you should use only the cream.

You are going to use for the anal area the 20% mandelic acid. So to start with you have to find a position. The best way is you lie either on your back and bend you both legs backward, have a mirror so you can see what you do. You can open your butt cheeks and then you will take a little bit of the microdermabrasion scrub. You will wash your private areas and just tap it. Don’t make it completely dry because it needs to be a tiny bit wet for the microdermabrasion to work.

We don't lighten inside the anus, only on the area around it. We are going to scrub the whole area that we want to bleach. You scrubbing because you want to get everything that's in the pores around the skin, you want to get that all out. Scrub it about ten seconds or so; you prepare the surface. Once you cleaned it, you will then rinse it off in the shower. You make sure that it's scorched.

Then you will take a microneedle roller, and very gently you will go, and you open the butt cheeks, and you will use this very kindly, but you use it all over around your anus for about ten seconds. The microneedle roller makes little holes in the skin so now the mandelic acid can penetrate.

You are going to use very little of mandelic acid. You can pour a little bit, you take a piece of the cotton socket, and you put it just around the anal area. When you do this, the best thing is to stick your butt in the air; or as I said the other way you sit lie on your back, legs up and hold the butt cheeks apart. You do this for about three minutes.

In the meantime, you take some water, and you prepare the neutralizer. You will take about cool of a teaspoon, put it in the ball of water. Neutralize, you mix it, and now you will neutralize the acid. You have to make sure that you neutralized everything, that the acid is completely gone. I suggest when you are done using a clean towel and wipe it. You make sure that the area is arid.

Now take the cream. You massage it gently around. Please note when you do this when you put the cream, your butt has to stick in the air, so it should air dry. You don't want the cheeks to close, have the gel there and then it becomes yucky and it runs. You want to make sure that the cream is completely absorbed into the area around the anus.

You do this twice a day morning and evening. Once you are doing the lightening treatment, you have to use cotton underwear. Don't use any g-string, entirely out of the question. Remember, we are lightening the skin; the skin becomes thinner, it becomes more sensitive. We don't want anything that would irritate the skin, give you blisters, hurt; you cut, you make wounds. So we want a whole cotton underwear that will cover your vagina, your anus, and your body.

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