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Our Story

“How now, brown cow?”

The brand Quirky Brown Cow was concocted in 2009 as an accidental online boutique, when one of the owners came back from a family vacation with a huge luggage-full of kitschy clothing. Since that day, Quirky Brown Cow has been spotted at weekend markets and fashion events and its name soon became synonymous with all things whimsically vintage-chic.

Collecting inspirations from around the globe through the years, the Quirky Brown Cow concept was designed from a fusion of these inspirations and ideas. This led the brand to win the coveted Grand Prize for the Best Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneur in 2010 organized by MOFEW, after several stages of challenges and tasks related to the industry, including a live presentation of the brand to judges and audiences.

It is exactly a year later that Quirky Brown Cow was taken a step further from just a blogshop and weekend market participant; by opening the doors to the very first Quirky Brown Cow boutique.


Situated in Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, a place well-known for its al-fresco cafés, trendy pubs and concept fashion boutiques as well as up-and-coming Malaysian fashion designer houses, Quirky Brown Cow boutique takes you through a whimsical escapade with a European vintage-chic inspired interior. Swinging racks brimming with delicious pieces, old English phone booth for fitting rooms, imported antique cabinets to house unique pieces of accessories, every little detail was conceptualized and sourced by the owners themselves to reflect the Quirky Brown Cow name.

Clothing and accessories are meticulously and lovingly curated from around the globe, with a vintage-chic inspiration in mind. Prices are always kept reasonable and customer service is always fun and friendly.

Thank you for your love and support and we hope you stay a while and grow with us.